Moving From A City Like West Virginia to Florida.


Shifting to a new place can be a turning point in your life, it can be a new chance to make things better and a new opportunity. Moving from West Virginia to Florida gets a lot of responsibility and tasks for you. Getting your important stuff shifted from one state to others can be done quickly with a little effort, but moving your car can be a difficult task.

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The state of West Virginia:

West Virginia is located in the region of Appalachian in the southern parts of the USA. It is said to be the 41st largest state compared to the others. The state is very much known for its outdoor activity and skiing destination. The main airport of this state is the Yeager Airport, there is a flight available any time of the day from the major parts of the world.

The pros and cons of this state are:

  • The living expenses is very low.
  • It has many calming and relaxed towns and cities.
  • Great outdoor activity that you would enjoy.
  • Weather is great in all three seasons.
  • It is very close to the larger city.
  • The economic growth and job opportunity are low.
  • The government services are very bad in quality.
  • The crime rates keep growing.
  • Rate of drug abuse is significant.
  • The diversity is limited.

The state of Florida:

Florida is located in the southeast parts of the United States. The state is surrounded by Alabama, the Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic ocean, Georgia, and the straits of Florida. The state of Florida has taken 4 positions on the list of most populated states in the country. Tallahassee is the capital of Florida.

Florida is also known as the sunshine state. The main attractions of Florida are travel and tourism. Other than the family-oriented sites and the theme parks of Florida, the people there enjoy the beaches. The other attractions in Florida are the Everglades, South Beach, Fort Lauderdale Beach, etc.

The list of pros in Florida:

  • There is no snow here
  • The beaches are always within a walking distance
  • The water recreation is absolutely marvelous
  • This is the capital of theme parks in the world
  • The tax to be paid is low.
  • The entertainment facility is available throughout the year.
  • The parks are hidden troves of the nation.
  • It has the third-largest reef in the world
  • Well maintained roads
  • It is a cosmopolitan city.
  • The food is a must-try.

The list of cons in Florida:

  • The living expenses are high.
  • The health care facility is very low.
  • The summer season is not pleasant.
  • The public transport system is poor.
  • The place is crowded with tourists.
  • Unsafe for pedestrians because of horrible driving skills.
  • Weather condition is very nasty.
  • The insurance cost is very high.

This migration can be the start of something new, so make the right and safe decision.