Ruggelt offers pipeline to FBA


Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is the most popular platform e-commerce  owners want to be on to sell their products. The potential of reaching the enormous consumer base Amazon attracts can cause business owners to just see flashing dollar signs.

But there are challenges that must be overcome, hoops to jump through to ensure a successful experience on Amazon. And order fulfillment companies have stepped up to assist entrepreneurs looking to leverage the platform.

Partnerships that work

Entrepreneurs, including startups, who partner with Ruggelt can look forward to an effortless path to sell their merchandise on Amazon. 

While Amazon can help small to midsize businesses increase sales and tap into a larger market, including Amazon Prime customers, entrepreneurs have to meet strict requirements. 

Failing to meet the inflexible guidelines can result in fines. Violation of these rules can also get business owners barred from participating in the FBA program.


Ruggelt and other order fulfillment and 3rd-party logistics companies, help ecommerce businesses avoid the pitfalls using Amazon’s FBA platform. And while fulfillment companies share some similarities, there can be differences. 

According to its website, Shipwire, a CEVA logistics company, provides business clients marketplace fulfillment for Amazon. And clients have access to order management, fulfillment and transportation services for Amazon Prime through its network of Ingram Micro facilities.

And Xpert Fulfillment Services, an order fulfillment and logistics company, provides distribution fulfillment for e-commerce businesses. The company, however, says it now only caters to specific industries and existing businesses.

However, eFulfillment Service has a FBA prep service center for business clients. And the company works with Amazon Sellers and Amazon Vendors, providing FBA prep and shipping for both.

eFulfillment Service also offers e-commerce sellers warehousing, order fulfillment services, and labeling. There are no setup fees or long-term storage fees, and the company works to make sure business clients get every possible saving.

Also, at eFulfillment Service, business clients can store as much inventory as they want at the company’s facilities. The company offers business clients the option of shipping products directly to Amazon fulfillment centers. This option eliminates additional services, such as product labeling and that means more savings for business clients.

FBA prep service

Like eFulfillment Service, Ruggelt offers a comprehensive FBA preparation service, from visual inspection of outgoing shipments to generating shipping labels. 

The company can consolidate packages, which will result in savings. And  business clients receive complimentary plain packing boxes or branded boxes.

And similar to eFulfillment Service, Ruggelt offers repackaging of goods before those products are sent to Amazon’s warehouses for sale to customers.

As part of its perp service, Ruggelt works to reduce the chance of damage to fragile items during transit and unloading. Products are scanned and manually inspected to make sure that products are not still on the shelves after their expiration date.

Ruggelt also provides storage for products slated for Amazon at its secure and monitored distributed warehouse facilities until they are needed. Clients only pay daily for the storage space they use.

Amazon’s FBA program is a great opportunity for online retailers to increase their sales,” Ruggelt says on its website at “The exposure your business gets is incomparable.”