Get To Know About Dishwasher Parts Before You Get Their Spare Parts


A dishwasher is a very powerful appliance in a house. This is single-handedly responsible for making our lives easier post every meal. No matter how simple we think it to be, it is way more complex than it seems.

Have you ever wondered what goes on inside that body and how each of its parts function? Here, you will get a detailed explanation on the different parts of the dishwasher, where each of the parts are located and how they function. You will also know how to identify the parts and understand when they will replacement.

Heating element

This is located at the bottom base of the dishwasher tub. The heating element is the reason behind the temperature of the water rising inside the appliance. The heated water is needed during the washing cycle or to heat the air during the drying cycle.

Detergent and rinse aid dispenser

The dispenser is where the dish detergent and the rinse aid are going to be stored before any cycle. These are small and rectangular-shaped contains which come with a door and a separate rinse aid chamber. They are located mostly inside the door of the appliance. They dispense the detergent and the rinsing aid at proper intervals of the cycle. The dispenser needs to be cleaned time and again to remove the clogs.

Control pad

It is located either on the top or the front of the appliance door. The options and wash cycles can be chosen from here. Any sort of error message will also be displayed here.


It is common for dishwashers to accommodate two or even three racks. These racks have tines that can hold all the items securely during the washing and drying process.

Silverware basket

The majority of the dishwasher models come with a movable silverware basket. This is provided to hold and wash the day-to-day cutlery. You can also reposition it to make more space in it.

Spray arms

A typical dishwasher has two spraying arms. But some models can also have the third one. One will be located beneath the upper rack and the other one beneath the lower rack. When the circulation pump pushes the water through the arms, both of them are activated.

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